Anyone made any cool Drawings?

just wanted to make a play where i can showcase my drawings. i dont JUST animate. its nice to take a break and work on one single frame


Speaking of which, what do yall think? i drew Scout vs Demoman in TF2 Teufort. Who do you think will win?


i had to draw Every single thing in there, so it took all day long lol


Dang, lotta work there.

IDK, maybe the right guy would win.

I just made a little tweak to my OC, that’s a drawing. Might change the hair to work better with different orientations.
Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 7.30.57 PM


Atleast im not the only person here who draws stickmen, thank god lol

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haha lol I do to

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Im working on this. the background is done but im gonna animate it soooo still alot of work to be done.


It already looks nice :+1:

Is there anything you guys can suggest for me to add? it feels a bit bland and i feel like it needs more.

Maybe add some more trees?

Ive already began working on adding that. I keep remaking the trees because i cant agree on what kind of tree i should add. Any ideas?

pine trees?

I’m an expert in drawing trees. If u ever need help with that, I could show u some of my secrets :shushing_face:

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me and my brother. my hair changed so its now the hairstyle i actually have.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 1.56.43 PM

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oh… i think i prefer the original, but that’s just my opinion.

I think it’s just more realistic. Maybe I’ll change it back, maybe not. I’ll decide at some point.

The decision is yours, it still looks nice

Alright so i made an Among Us drawing, now i have to animate it. Its gonna be a custum Imposter Fatality made by me lol. Anyone got any ideas on what kind of Fatality it should be? i might do multiple.

The original In game character is on the left and my drewn version is on the right


What should the Imposter do to this Crewmate?