Anyone made any Stickman Animations?

Id Like To See What My Fellow Animators Can Do.
Post Your Animations Below.


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it wont let me see it

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It’s an orange stickman who’s drooling (i think) that’s scratching his big head
was that rude? I didn’t intend to, sorry

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oh Cool. Thanks

here’s mine. its ok, especially for my first animation EVER! :slight_smile:


heres another i did;

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I made my first HTML5 Animation called Stick Fight. i did…sorry if bad i also have this one

Ive been working on this but i don’t want to anymore ;-; Overreacting.html (3.5 MB)

You have returned. I remember you from the Youtube Group post. Here’s a stick animation I made:
When The PC’s too weak

Alright, First post since a long time. I took my animation from a year ago and reworked it. I added alot more frames and it bumped up to a total of 263 Frames. hope you guys like my 30 FPS Animation!


I watch a lot of stick figure tutorials. Here’s a animation I made.


Finally, A notification. Wick Forums is very quiet today.

My Project11-15-2020_3-59-44PM.wick (6.5 KB)

hi im a starter and i wanna make some stick man animations

i can send you one of my stick man animation files if you want a reference file. be aware though that i use legacy editor for this kinda stuff. its easier specifically for stick man animations because of the easy use of pivot points. the newer version has pivot points but they are small and you have to double click some things just to access them. I would suggest swapping between the two for specific activites. maybe use the newer version for background art or game design.

his arm grew

good animation!

good animation