Audio Crashes Mobile

Hey, not sure if this is a bug, or if its something you can fix, but basically I’m trying to make a mobile game with wick, and when I play it on my phone with the browser, (using it works perfectly fine, but then when there is any kind of audio in the game it just wont open, wont play at all.
Even the built in audio files.
For my game I kind of need audio, for music and sounds.
I don’t think anyone has reported this yet, prob because nobody tries to make mobile games with wick. But yeah basically if you put any audio file in your wick game and try it on mobile, it just doesn’t work.
You just can’t play the game if there’s an audio file in it, not even if its being used, just if it’s in the asset library.

Just incase it’s just for my phone I tested this out on:

Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone XS Max
Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

(Idk it might be an Apple Problem, I do have some android devices but I’m kind of too lazy to test them lol.)

Also when I’m saying playing on mobile, I mean the HTML file embeded on, not the wick app or wick file in the editor. the HTML file.

And yes it works perfectly fine on PC.

If you want to replicate this just put a audio file (mp3, wav, ogg) into a wick project, then export it as html and upload it somewhere (You can embed html files into to play in fullscreen (This works perfect for mobile), but you can also use Google Sites ( (obviously there are more ways these are just the ways I thought of instantly))

I’ve tried Safari, Google Chrome, Documents (File explorer that has browser lol)

Are the devices on silent mode when you tested them?
If so, try turning off silent mode on your phone and test the file again.
If that doesn’t work, then it could be a bug.

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Yeah it like, literally doesn’t even open the game, if it’s on mute or not. It’s just a blank screen.
But when the audio is NOT in the html file at all, it works fine

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I just tested on my phone a project and it worked, so the issue might be with the browser or file itself. Is there an example of a project you can show me? (If not that’s fine).

Thanks for reporting this bug :bug:

what kinda phone you use? and ye i can send the file in a minute
im kinda late lol

That’s alright, take your time : )

As for the mobile device I used, it’s an iphone x, and I used it on safari and tested it on a random project that had sounds. On mobile, it did take long for the file to actually load, but afterwards, it opened.