Battle to win nothing

The person with the best thing like game, artwork or gif will get immunity and the rest will be up for elimanation

NICE 8/10 it reminds me of a alan becker animation it’s pretty soild


my OC drinks “apple juice” and dies

don’t do drugs

Yea Don’t do drugs tbh it was pretty funny 10/10 instant immunity

This poll closed 3.5 minutes before you posted it, which means that unless if someone here could travel back n’ time, no one should be able to vote.

I recommend adding a bit more context to your post and changing the time for closing the vote to at least an hour (though 2 days is more preferred for better results).

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for what is this pole?

ehh 6/10 it’s good and pretty nice

IDK just did for no reason

I’m not going to be here that much over summer.

cool I like it

9/10 it reminds me of a cool prank I did

I don’t think this is going so the camp based off bfdi. I wanted to create a new community but It dosen’t go well.

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wow it has been so long i remember

Bro I remember this