BeatSwapper! - Test Drive

I’m making a rhythm game! It’s called beatswapper, although i havent finished the tutorial. but for now u guys can check out the main menu. kind of inspired by osu.

I have some music that I made myself (it’s not the best) but you can use it if you want to (and give credit) I just put it in a wick file.
MySongs3-30-2022_9-41-31.wick (3.0 MB)

k thanks! extra words to post

how did u do this its rlly good

I use BeepBox

Feel free to use sector 20 with credit of course

can you send the file that site is blocked for me

BeatSwapperBeta3-17-2022_12-25-12.wick (3.3 MB)

hey @Donut
try soundation its rlly good
and also look me up @TheMan17 in soundation
heres link to my profile :D

blocked :(

try this

it doesn’t work correctly and when I click start it doesn’t do anything

oh yeah thats cuz thats all i did
im working on the actual game rn

I added windows

heres the file house3-31-2022_12-52-07.wick
maybie make the house bigger so it looks closter

rgraegearearea dont click i just need to save rohdsfasdfhap My Project4-3-2023_9-27-41.wick (461.2 KB)