"beep2.ogg" sound asset is similar to a Minecraft sound

I was playing Minecraft and I heard a sound similar to “beep2.ogg” in Wick Editor. I’m not against the creators, I just wanna ask

its downloaded from a site called freesound.org microsoft might of put a sound from mine craft on there or microsoft might of added the sound from free sound.org to minecraft thats what I think happend so microsoft just used the same free sound that wick used or its just a coincidence and the sounds sound familar or the 4th theory is that the person who posted it on free sound.org pirated it from microsoft this is unlikley because microsoft would probably take it down really fast.

do you mean the wick editor sound library? because i looked at all the sounds there and i did not hear a minecraft sound. what does “beep2.ogg” sound like?

notch (the original creator of minecraft) would take sounds from freesound.org and put it into his game, for example the old hurt sound: https://freesound.org/people/thecheeseman/sounds/44429/?page=3#comment this was uploaded in 2007. however i’m guessing that nowadays the developers aren’t getting sounds from the internet anymore. C418 would record sounds for the game.

its the acheivement/notifaction sound in MC

you mean in bedrock? Well “Beep 1” and “Beep 2” sound the most similar but “Beep 1”'s sounds too high pitched and “Beep 2” doesn’t have enough reverb.

Yeah I have bedrock and java but they probably edited the sound to make it sound better.

They probably wouldn’t pitch shift it though. Beep 2 still sounds different than the minecraft sound even if the reverb weren’t there.

I believe it’s more likely that the Wick Editor sound is not the same as the Minecraft sound.

I could be wrong, but I think that no-one should be able to register or be an owner of a beep. In this case this beep has only two notes. I think that what we can register are melodies which are a recognizable pattern or sequence of notes or tones. This “beep2.ogg” reminds me several games, not one… It is probably a free to use beep.

it is on freesound.org so its a free sound

how do you know it’s on freesound.org, it could have been created from scratch and not uploaded there. did you hear it was taken from freesound?

theres one old thread on this forum where luca said all the sounds in the asset library are from freesound.org

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Where’s the thread?

Oh I thought you were talking about the Minecraft sound.