BF from FNF but freestyle!

This is the first game that i’ve published on!

It’s boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin (You can also play as Pixel BF)!

And…you can freestyle (By freestyle i mean pressing all the buttons without a penalization)!

It’s not the best thing, but i like it!

You can make BF sing with WASD and space (planning to add arrow keys sometime…).

Also, it’s made totally in Wick Editor! (Except the images from Friday Night Funkin because they aren’t mine in the first place)


As a fan of fnf this was really cool!

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that’s cool but i feel you should develop your own graphic
I’m pretty sure you cannot use their characters without express consent

But they do give you everything to do mods tho…

Is this based off the monster level?

What do you mean by ‘the monster level’?

The beeps sound like they were taken from that levels vocals
Yknow the secret level

Oooh, yea, i grabbed them from that song because the idea came to my mind while i was editing that song and i didn"t want to open another one so i just used 4 beeps from that song.

steps to change PFP


um in the files they say you have free consent to do anything with the characters

nice work buddy

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i going to do myself in fnf! :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a .wick or .html for it

i cant acses it so can you plese provide a .html