Bfdi assets 6.00

:)))))))) i did not most alot of them but here this bfdi ASSets 6.00 _DDD11-18-2020_6-12-38PM.wick (838.4 KB)


so search ground for grass forgot to put it in

am i the only one who installed the file?

not everyone here is a fan of bfdi, i think only around 4 people here are, and there are around 15 active users on these forums

and besides people probably aren’t gonna wanna use these because they look kinda blurry since they’re images and it’s ripping assets straight out of something else it’s not even a trace it’s just screenshots of them

also you mean download not install

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i don’t even know what to say

its not ripping assets if you actually learned what an object show is then you’d know they all use the same assets so its actually pretty useful tbh

yes i know that but those are screenshots and are blurry
i’m pretty sure they don’t use screenshots of arms

I am also a BFDI fan and I am currently using @time_to_draw 's assets to make my own object show!

fr, me too. not using it though :skull: