Body/Limbs Movement

My Project11-4-2023_18-20-18.html (2.6 MB)
Any Tips on Body/Limb Movement? I already did the mouth part but I dont know how to properly animate the body

Also, here is the wick file if you want to look at it: My Project11-4-2023_18-22-23.wick (412.0 KB)

are you tweening the limbs?

Tweening isn’t the best choice when it comes to moving arms and such, as the bending motion of a limb is too complex for the tween to replicate easily. Your best bet is frame-by-frame animation. And for that, the biggest tip for new users I can give is to use onion skinning. It’s your best friend in animation, it shows you the other frames so you can see what the next thing you have to draw is and where, without switching the frame a million times.
(the grey is another frame)

If we do this one at a time (for something like this it doesn’t take too long, but if you have a longer animation or a higher framerate it will), it will work well.
(the lighter the grey, the further away it is. it by default only shows the frames directly to the left and right of it, but you can drag the red in the frame to shorten or lengthen it.)

And don’t worry, the grey only shows up in editing.

Here’s the .wick file: My Project11-4-2023_16-45-57.wick (415.9 KB)

TL;DR onion skinning cool, tween no work on arms

Thank you! I’m going to try to animate the full thing now.

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