Boxy adventures level 1 sewers

boxy adventures early version 6-17-2021_2-10-18.html (2.7 MB)

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i recommend playing on full screen CB full screen or f11

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i know it only haves one level but i posted this because i haven’t posted anything in awhile but i’m working on more levels

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It’s a good concept; I also like the mechanics

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Welcome to the forums

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Ha im not new at all im just on a different account accidentally

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oh ok i thought

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can i update the artwork plz give me the wick file :pleading_face:

it doesn’t matter this is an early version

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well here’s another wick file pkplat.wick (8.6 KB)

i just want to remaster the real version not the prototype i mean the html

it’s a nice game
I find a little annoying the background continuously going up and down

that’s probably because the camera follow and the idle animation

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BrickStar’s Rating

Age Rating

Age Rated 0+ So everyone can play It with out concerns :smiley:

Quality Rating

Rated G for Good (Fear Rating because Its not done yet and its only one dev as it seems)


The game is as of now Rated G but only because it’s not done yet

-Good thing:
The Movement is Fun and the platforms are very Cool with their changing behaviors there is so much just in one level I cant wait to see level too

-Not so good things:
The Player is a bit Buggy sometimes like The player is often Buggin into the Ground but then out again this is kinda wiered and the visuals are not the best yet

But I’m sure that these things are just small Things and That the game will soon be in a perfect state I’m Looking Forward to new Updates

Infos about the Rating

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Well i cant find the wick file since my chromebooks charger got damaged so i charged it again and now i cant fid the wick file

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ah ok sorry for that I will look into the game again and give it a new rating sorry

Oops utvwas a typo the wick file wasent damaged my charger is damaged


So you techinkly still have the WickFile but the Device is Broken

Nah all of my files moved and now i cant find it


well guys i lost the wick file to this game so sadly there will be no more levels but im working on an even better platformer stay tuned