Breaking apart a figure in Wick Editor

Hi all,
Quick question here. Is it possible to open a png file of a figure (say, a drawing I made in inkscape and exported as a png), drag it onto the stage, and then break it apart so I can onion-skin it?
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You can upload a png from the upload button next to the assets library section!
Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 11.20.22 AM
You can find this at the down right corner of
After that one step, you can use the shortcut for onion skinning (0) or the button to onion skin it, turn it into a button or a clip and write a script in it, flip it horizontally or vertically, copy paste it, use the eyedropper to pick a color in it, and just treat it as you would treat a wick drawing. I don’t know though if you can crop it, and you can’t erase small parts of it with an eraser… they might need to add that to Wick Editor.

Hope I answered your question.

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Hi Hamzah,
Thanks for this!
I notice that if you make it into a button, you can then press the button that says “break apart” - but nothing happens to the image.
I’d like to be able to break the png apart so I can erase parts and change them while onion-skinning. Flash does that, but I have a feeling that Wick does not…yet. Maybe this function is in the works for the developers?
Thanks for your response!

Don’t think you can exactly erase portions of an image. It would be helpful though.

It would, but html5 limits a lot of things…as many of us (including me) tend to bring up good old Flash…(thanks Steve Jobs). Even in Adobe Animate, things get down to bare bones when you switch to html5. Also, we should try to remember Wick is free… :). But, I hear you. I’d like to see the pen tool back…they already had that.

Anyway, for now you can just use open source photo editors or some online image editors (I’ll post two i know of if it is ok with Forum) to edit portions of the image.

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I totally agree with @awc95014 and @T_Imperotta, but I would like to also mention the purpose of the “break apart” button, which breaks the clip or button that was selected apart, in other words, turns the button or clip back to a normal png or drawing, deleting the script that was put in it.

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