Hello! Today I Re-created my Old Video player. all Coming Updates will launch on this Topic so if you’re interested in the HTML video player for your animations then Track this Topicimage :smiley:


Update log

Version 0.01 Imported the old files And changed the UI
Version 0.02 Frame Slider from Debyte Ultimate ( Not working yet)



The player will be able to play any animations! from the wick, the best thing is it will be Funktion like a player so you will be able to Play/stop the video, and Soon you will have a Slider! For the frames Thing, I will use the Debyte Ultimates frames thing but Highly Modded! Debyte Ultimate (Check it out!) Idk if the Project will become open-source BUT! I will find a way so that everyone can use it for your Own animation



The Player currently runs on the Verry Good Code from @Hamzah_Al_Ani You can check it out Here But I Studies the code so it could be Mine now But still Thx to @Hamzah_Al_Ani And Future Thanks to @Watrmeln For Providing Debyte Ultimate the Debbuging software from @Watrmeln and me @Brickstar_X. The New Update added The frame Goer/Manager For Going to frames


Version: 0.01 RedBall test

Brickplayer6-22-2021_17-43-37.html (2.1 MB)

Version: 0.02 RedBall Test

No download yet there Must be some Bug Fixes



Code Helping @Hamzah_Al_Ani
Debyte Ultimate @Watrmeln @Brickstar_X
Coding @Brickstar_X
Gui/Ui @Brickstar_X
Icons @Brickstar_X


New Update! You can see the new Features In Update Log and Infos But there will be a New Post Down here in the comments. If you want to keep Uptodate with my HTML vieo player then pleas consider Pres the image Button and Cahnge the tracking to image Thanks for your Support!

NEW UPDATE! Since I don’t even get the Frame Goer/manager from Debyte Working I wanted to ask you for help. But I thought is it then My Project? I even feel bad to use the @Hamzah_Al_Ani Code. so I wanted to let The People decide that want this Project Should I make a Collab so that everyone can help Bringing my Videion to life or should I ask if I have a Problem and take the solution and give credit?

  • Create This topic as a Colab
  • Try to do it on you won but ask for help!

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I will Give one more day to Close the Survey so pleas Vote up on the Poll!

I will make an Collab out of This :>

tbh nothing I make is my code, all I know was taught to me by the works of someone else

( I just felt like pointing that out ツ )


Ah ok Thanks for telling me that :>

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The Brick Player Collab is Under Review! I’m very exited to Finlay take my Vision from Over a year ago to the Truth!