C.Y.O.A. Game


How would I organize a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) Game (multiple arrows and places to go). I’ve only been working on one path, and I don’t know how I should work on the next path.

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draw all the paths on a piece of paper, and number them off. while you animate you can look at the paper to see what frame goes where and which one goes after another.

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thanks i currently have a map on my animation (every place is visible or just offscreen)game.wick (314.3 KB)



What I would recommend doing is putting each segment of the map into it’s own single frame, including the animations for the scene transitions. When you press the button to go to the next one, play the transition animation, then on the last frame of the transition, add some code to take you to the frame corresponding to the next scene.

So, on the root timeline, (based on the project you uploaded) you would have 3 frames. The top of the hill, the bottom of the hill, and the campfire. And then in a Clip on each of those frames you would have the first frame where the scene starts with the “stop()” code on it, and then the button which, when pressed, would cause the clip to go to frame two, where you would have your transition animation. The last frame of the transition would have a script to take the root timeline to the next frame where the entire next scene would be contained in a Clip.

Does that make any sense? If not, maybe this example project will help explain what I’m trying to say (don’t mind the “art”, I spent no time on it whatsoever):
cyoaExample.wick (21.3 KB)

Then for going to your other paths, use the buttons in the Scene Clips to navigate the root timeline to different Scenes (which you can simplify by naming the frames in the root timeline, like I did in the example).

That should help a lot as far as organization goes. That way your root timeline won’t get too messy.