Calling all fellow animators and developers!


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HEY THERE! I am creating a topic just for people to find and share new ideas. Whether it’s the flash animation or game you wanna make, I hope you can find a perfect idea. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Here’s a new animation i created!
New Project-Aug21-2018-3.20PM.wick (150.4 KB)

An example for a quiz slide show…
New Project-Aug29-2018-12.35PM.wick (87.2 KB)



HERE!!! I’m here lets animate


Ok. What ideas do you have?


I am thinking of a racing car animation. The problem is that I am not the best artist.


I’m pretty good at drawing I like mostly simple stick figures tho


I wish I could show you some but I’m a new user


We would get sued by Alan Becker though.


So true, though stick figure animation in and of itself is fair game, so i don’t know if we could, presuming we made it ourselves. . .

Willing to help!


I wish I could show you I was inspired by alan Becker but not the same I do mostly frame by frame no tweening witch he mostly uses pose to pose and tweening. and if we use different figures with a different type animations but still following the 12 prinsbles of animation ball-Aug25-2018-12.54PM.wick (12.2 KB) its used in that experiment. we should be fine like we said


oh heres one that might get sued

ps its not there cuz its too big


it was about my stick figure named stick meating my computer :computer: it has to crawl and then its safe but then it breaks something :fireworks: then a anti virus puts him back


bye for now :v:… ok


Hey… I have an idea. We could try to make some short cartoons. Probably based on this post (just kidding). What characters can you think of?


For the credits:
Director- Animator
Stunts Supervisor- Zion_animator
Legal stuff- ForgeFlarion


Cool idea. I wish I listened to youe idea


New animator, hoping to do a project with someone, good at drawing stick men and alright at drawing anything else.


Please reply ASAP, i am on most of the time.


Is it too late to submit ideas?


Nah, man
That’s for sure.


Thank you for the comment. I believe that we could try is a group to make a few short movies.

Kind regards,