Can anyone help me with a animation?

Comment below any feedback or help you can give with making an animation

idk use tweens they save a lot of time while animating and more on high fps you could make a whole animation using tweens (there’s many tutorials on how to use tweens in wick in youtube)

thanks this is really helpfull

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well i usually not using high fps…cuz if i do i need to draw lots of frames for a second…
so basicly i use 18 fps and animate with 12 principal…then my animation were smooth even i use 18 fps…

Watch this guy he is really helpful, I learned from him how to animate

Oh hey zach

who??you know him?

what zach you’re talking about, please mind me I’m about to pray

Hi Watrmeln

I can teach you a thing or 2 about animation? What type of animation would you like to make?

im making a action animation

Ok, I can help with that. Do you want me to show you things I made or something?

sure that would be good

Sorry for not replying in a long time :sweat_smile:

well if its an action animation then you should use the line of action it’s basically the green line below:

tumblr_inline_p89f5lHhfx1qd90d1_500 (1)

or something like this:


more complex:

just one more image in case you don’t understand it: