Can I add full music in my animation?

I was thinking about adding full music in a animation, so I thought to myself if it can work, but I don’t think it’s gonna work

it’s gonna take a lot of frame stretching. you can add audio by clicking on the upload asset button and add your file, then dragging the audio asset into a frame if you don’t know how to stretch frames, you can drag the edge of a frame to extend it. then you just have to make the frame the same length of the song.

Thank you!

Also, something that can help is you can change the length of a frame in the inspector. Changing the “Frame Length” value to (FPS * Seconds in Your Song) will make the frame as long as your song.


i think the best way to do that is to add another array of frames and make the first frame super long enough to fit the music and put the song in that frame and dont draw on the frame