Can i have beta builds

I like The Wick Editor once known as Wick from 2013-2019 and it is so prowerfull!

Now Question
I am making a wick editor archive that has wick editor Pre-alpha and open beta and more builds that are not shown and CAN NOT be shown anymore!
So… can i have .html file for old builds??

THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

No cocomelon!!

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Hi @Cocomelon_Is_bad and welcome! There are new Beta Builds on the website ( not right now but hopefully soon) but if you want to access the old wick editor then go to

The thing that’s sad is that they didn’t put the pen tool in the newer edition…

Screenshot 2022-05-27 175855 its right next to the Pencil :)

That’s the pencil, BrickStar
See this:

That’s the pen.
It allows you to draw those Bezier curves, or whatever they’re called.
Ahem. Allowed.
Allowed you to draw curves.
You can use the path cursor now, but it’s a somewhat more convoluted way of doing things compared to the pen, in some cases.


Yeah. I use the pivots and curves with the path cursor. It is just harder with the line tool. (Like you said)

yea same goes for the new pen tool in wick next to the pencil

That’s not the pen tool, that’s the brush tool, and it works differently. Open Wick Editor legacy and try the pen tool, you’ll see it

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Yea Pen is still the same but how it works is different :( But Since it is still the same engine, there could be a way to get this back with an Extension

I have heard of that website and i will make a new post!

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Depends. There is no more pen, now you have to make a line and use path cursor. The brush, is a separate tool that was already there in legacy wick editor.

Yea kinda but the Pen s still there you draw with lines not optimal but a lousy alternative to the old beloved pen tool!

2022-05-27 23-44-20
So, technically, it isn’t removed just the feature for editing the Curvers directly by creating them. Let’s hope they bring it back :) or we make it on our own as I said before it should be possible since the path course is there and the pen tool