Can’t find exported mp4 video file

Wick Editor 1.19.3

Created file on iPhone 12 Pro in Firefox.
Exported the file as an mp4 video.
Can’t find the video export.
Where does the exported mp4 video go?
How do I find it? Is it on a Firefox page?
Is there a Wick Editor online export folder that keeps the exports?

It’s not in my photo folder.
It’s not in my iCloud Drive.
There is no Firefox page or download of it.
I tried using the “open” button in Settings. No luck with that.

Thanks for any help.

PS Exported the same file as a gif earlier and a webpage entitled “blob” appeared with the gif file. Copied that gif and saved to my photo folder and then saved that onto my iCloud Drive in a Wick folder I created on Drive. Want to have an mp4 file too.

i’m not sure how the mobile version works, but there’s a chance that mp4 export simply doesn’t work. you might have to use a computer for it to work.

Thanks for your advice! Much appreciated. :blush:
I’ll move to my desktop and give it a try.