Can you zoom in on frames?


I minimized my Frame to 100x100… but theres one problem. I have an Eye problem so its hard to strain on smaller objects, I cant see very well what i put on the Frame. I might seem like a crybaby…


In the editor?

There’s a little zoom percentage number field just above and near the right end of the working area, below the timeline. Click in the number field and drag left and right to zoom. Click on the little magnifying glass to reset to 100%

Ctrl+mousewheel to zoom in and out.
Ctrl+0 for 100% reset
(On a Mac, use the Command key rather than Control)

Zoom tool in the left-hand toolbar - click to zoom in a step, click and drag for a zoom area selection, Alt+click to zoom out a step.


Thanks @obtusity! It worked!