Cannot access subclips of clones

this occurs on both 1.19.3 and 1.19.4.

Has this bug been reported already?

Describe the bug
say you have a clip called clip1, and inside that clip you have another clip called subclip. you can access subclip using clip1.subclip, but if you make a clone of clip1 and call it clip2, you cannot access clip2.subclip.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the bug, if you have them:

  1. go to the normal or test editor
  2. draw a rectangle and make it a clip called clip1
  3. go inside and make that rectangle a clip again, called subclip
  4. go back out and in the default script of the frame, add let clip2 = clip1.clone(); clip2.subclip.rotation = 45; (this tests if you can access the subclip in clip2)
  5. run the project to get an error

cloneBug6-8-2023_14-32-54.wick (1.7 KB)

Expected behavior
subclip should be accessible after cloning, as if it wasn’t cloned at all.


*Computer Information

  • Mac M1, Brave (basically Chrome)

Do you have a suggested solution to this issue? (ex. has another program fixed this bug a certain way? Are you familiar with where in the code base someone would need to fix this issue?)

Additional context Optional*
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Yup, we know.

Basically, when you clone a clip, the children are not ready to be accessed at that same frame. You have to wait at least one frame to access the subclip.

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