Can't change clips frame on project frame

What Wick Editor Version are you using?

Describe the Problem
I’m trying to make an animation and I wanna use clips for lipsync, but for some reason when I set it to single frame I cant figure out how to make the clip frame change depending on what project frame I’m on. Changing the number doesn’t change only the frame I’m on but changes it for every frame.

What have you tried so far?
I’ve tried to manually open up the clip and make the animation there but it takes alot of time and the audio isn’t there

If you want to lip sync, it requires a frame-by-frame approach. Setting a clip to single frame sets a clip to a single frame for however long you want.
Either that or I’m really confused. Can you record your problem using a screen recorder?

Not sure exactly what you may be looking for, but if you scroll down you’ll find a sync button. Try turning it on, that might help.

What this button does is technically have the clip change by a frame every time the project changes by a frame, and vice versa. Also, you can keep the animation on “Loop.”