Can't create new layers and asset library bugs


Hello! I was testing out the 1.0.5a build and found a few issues.

When the layers section isn’t expanded(meaning, I have to scroll down to see more layers), it will only make around 5-6 layers total before the option to create a new layer disappears(I also can’t name any of the “New Layer” layers, but I wasn’t sure if that was just because it hasn’t been added yet). I can’t make anymore unless I expand the layer box—then I can create new layers, but only if the amount doesn’t create a scroll bar. Once I have to scroll to see a lower layer, the option disappears.

When saving anything as a button or a clip, it doesn’t appear in the asset library for me, even with the “Add to asset library” checked. And I can’t delete anything from the library, although I figured that might still be “under construction” since it’s a bit messy over there with all the little scrollbars on everything I add to my library. :upside_down_face:



Ah! I pushed the “Add to Asset Library” feature a bit early as it has not been implemented yet! We’ll be looking to add this hopefully within the next 2 updates. This should also fix being unable to delete items from the asset library.

As for the layer issues, we’re pushing a new timeline in the next update that should hopefully fix a number of these problems. When this update comes, you’ll also be able to name layers through the inspector!

Let me know if I can answer any other questions/suggestions!

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