Can't import gifs

I tested out wick earlier this week for a project, and it worked well. However now that i’m trying to use it again the same way to finish my project, it’s not letting me upload my gif files like i was able to before. Whether i drag and drop, or click the import button, they do not appear in my assets.

Please help!

one of them just worked. idk how this one is different from the others though

can you send the gifs so I can test them?

the wolf is one that works and the ferret does notlilwolfrun

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well it works fine for me. I dragged the gif from the post into the editor though so maybe try that.

That doesn’t work for me either. Thank you for the help though

have you tried reloading the editor? sometimes things break and I need to reload, such as not being able to change fill/stroke color. This may be one of those situations.

What browser are you using?

There are certain gifs that the editor might encounter difficulties with uploading…
This gif though worked for me, I was able to upload it. I recommend trying out the test version of the web editor (and on chrome) for best results.

Here’s a wick file with the gif uploaded, you can copy and paste (or download and open) the wick clip for the gif into any other project you might have.
My Project4-28-2022_10-16-10.wick (310.7 KB) (open with the editor)

Also, this might be off topic, but did you make these animations? They look amazing!!