Can't insert a video

I understand that by using pictures we can animate an animation or make a video, but why can’t I insert a video so I can add or edit something?

i think wick just doesn’t know what to do with a video file, so it doesn’t let you upload it (i think you can upload gifs so i don’t know what the problem with videos is).

But I don’t have gifs

try to convert an MP4 into a gif (Please note you need to know the frame rate to have the right timing) and try to rename MP4 to mp3 or convert it (Converting it makes it have less data and space) and awc95014 does wick editor support WebP files

from which app can I convert?

there are plenty of apps and websites out there that you can use

you can use ezgif for mp4 to gif, and you can rename mp4 to mp3.

There are plenty of online tools and apps to accomplish this. I’d recommend using this online converter, I’ve used it before, it’s easy and straighforward.

Also, if your video file is too long for a gif, you’ll probably need to cut it into smaller parts.
The reason wick doesn’t support mp4 files is because mp4 files are usually too large for the editor to deal with. It is expected that this improves in the future.