Can't listen to tap events on touch devices


Has anyone got click/touch events to work on mobile devices?
I have tried mouse[Down/Pressed/Release] events, but none of them seems to trigger on touch devices (The Wick output is supposed to automatically convert the mouse event handlers to their mobile equivalents: touchStart etc). Also it seems that this part of the outputted javascript is older (and therefore broken?) since it contains references to nonexistent elements:

  • document.getElementById(‘rendererCanvas’).focus(); (ID rendererCanvas does not exist)
  • if(!audioContext) { (audioContext doesn’t exist)

When I manually edit the HTML file and try to resolve the above errors, I can manage to do so, but the touch events still don’t fire.


Hey @hacktisch, sorry you’re having trouble :confused: We know of a lot of these discrepencies between desktop/mobile. We’re planning on having them all fixed in the next major release of Wick. We’ll be posting more information very soon!