Can't open older projects

I have some old projects that I have been working on and now I can’t re-open them again for some reason. Any suggestions?

Mind sending me the file?

We may have accidentally made an engine change that messed up older projects. Do you know what version of the editor you made these older projects in?

I do not remember on what version I made the projects and I can’t remember what I have done on the projects itself too. That’s why I wanted to reopen them and see if it’s worth saving them or not. The good thing is that the file name contains the exact time and date, Jun14-2019. That may lead you to the used version. Thanks :slight_smile:
boat and waves-Jun14-2019-2.01PM.wick (66.1 KB)

the file name looks like a legacy download, i think i remember having a date shown
try using the legacy editor
if it actually works, i’m gonna retire a perfect career of predicting (just so you know, that was a joke)

Recommend me where did you get your crystal ball from, oh almighty seer! It worked with the legacy editor. Thanks for the suggestions! Cheers! :)

no problem! i got my crystal ball from my own head. it can do some cool stuff, but it also does some silly stuff. you can’t always count on it.