Can't see full project?


Hi! So, I’m working on a project, the resolution of the frames are 1920 x 1080. I can see them fine when editing them, but when I press ‘run,’ I get a really zoomed in view and can’t see the entire frame. The only way I can see the entire thing is if I manually zoom out using ctl and -, but that makes it really hard to edit the frames if the screen’s zoomed out, and constantly zooming in and out gets suuuper annoying. Is there any way I can zoom out when I preview the project/press ‘run?’


Its Probably because the image is too big. :slight_smile:


@asingledropletofrain Ah, our preview window doesn’t adapt well to large project sizes! We’ll try to work on that for the next update or two! In the mean time, the best solution might be to zoom out like you’ve been doing, or export the project and open it in a new window.


Thank you! I scaled down my project and remade it, now it works perfectly!