Castle Wars Alpha 0.8

This game is A strategy Game I have been Working on and I want to show you 0.8.
This game is a test version so dont expect enemies coming any time soon.
Here is the Game

So i have some things to talk about:
1The visuals:they are very ugly and dont got any shading, and just feels lazy
2There is nothing to do on the game, so why you post it?
3Pls add enemies, because ther is nothign to do

I agree with you, I but keep in mind this is a alpha game so not everything is perfect.
But you are very right.

And it was partially lazy because this is a simple side project

2There is nothing to do on the game, so why you post it?

I posted it just a project to show forum users.

Remember, keep in mind that everything is not always perfect
I’am a rookie developer and this is not a good way to start for me.

sorry there, but can i help with the visuals if you want, if not just redo them in the full release

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Thanks for asking for help! I really agree with you about the visuals
I don’t even know how to draw because I suck at everything, so thats why it looks so lazy.
I also have to note I need your help in the soldiers and the trees!

thats Funny because It actually had shading for the flag but thats before I added
the wind animation to the flags. After i did the flag wind animation I completely forgot to add
Shadows for the flag