Chess roguelike game

im making a roguelike game about chess, my idea is that when you are in an empty room you can move freely but when you are in a room with enemies you can only move when its your turn and its kinda like crazy house where if you kill a piece it swaps to your team and you can place it anywhere on the board and until it dies you get to keep it to make an army.
chess roguelike4-12-2023_8-47-27.wick
the first frame shows movement on turns but there are no enemies so you cannot move more than once.
the second frame shows unlimited movement.

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kinda like crypt of the necrodancer exept chess

basically crypt of the necrodancer + shotgun king + regular chess + crazy house chess

I made a third frame which has movement with arrow keys
either I make it have the dots all the time, I have the arrow key movement all the time, or I have dots in battle and arrow keys out of battle.
which one do you perfer?

  • dots to move
  • arrow keys to move
  • both

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I added a new frame, I decided to make the same original system but click and drag because yes and because mouse would work better with it. I also added a system where you can add in pieces.
chess roguelike4-12-2023_23-36-55.wick
how is it? click and drag to move a piece and move it. I know it says the rook can move up to 6 squares but I nerfed it and only made it 4 squares.

im probably going to make this game in a different game engine because other ones work better, wick will probably just be for prototyping. the enemies and other pieces will be on the other engine as it would be extremely hard to make enemy ai in wick and the rook and king already took too long to code. when I make a prototype in the other undefined game engine I might put a discord link for the games discord server so people can see my progress and maybe help out a bit (I will only post the discord link if @Jovanny says I can as it would technically break rule 8).

You know the rules, don’t do it.

Now, in terms of choosing another game engine… wick is not a game engine… but if you want to develop “AI” for enemy behavior (which is not probably AI), usually that is something that you have to program manually in a game engine anyways… unless you have a library or framework for that. Usually game engines provides physics system among other things.

I won’t unless I am given permission.

the problem with ai in wick is its easy to code im not saying its a problem with code its a problem with complex ai, specifically chess ai, wick is very hard to make a chess ai with (search up how to make a chess ai on google) you would need it to know where everything is on the board and what all the possible moves are and I don’t think you can do that in wick.

I added enemies that can be killed but don’t move, if you kill the rook you get a rook chess roguelike4-13-2023_8-43-18.wick

I am now continuing work on this