Clip Behaviour


I’m used to Adobe Animate, where when you double-click into a clip, you can still see the clip in the context of the main project - everything else is just greyed out a bit.
However, when I double-click on a clip in Wick Editor, the rest of the project disappears and I have to guess where I want the clip to move to. This isn’t helped by the fact that the dimensions of the clip are sometimes different within the clip’s timeline than to when I’m in the main project.
Is this normal behaviour or is there a way of entering the clip’s timeline whilst still seeing it in the context of the rest of the project?



Hey @pjs,

We currently can only edit clips in that “Isolation” view. We’ll be working on some new ways to edit clips, in context with the rest of your project. We may be able to include it in our 1.16 release, but will at he very least have it in 1.17!