Clip position incorrect

i was making a test game but when i played it the rocket launcher is in a different position when its supposed to be with the character anybody knows how to fix this? here some images

the code for the rocket launcher is this.x = character.x;
--------------------------------------------- this.y = character.y

that’s not a bug, you just put it in position of the player, make something like this
this.x = character.x
this.y = character.y + 20

you need to add/subtract its x and y values to position it farther down, like what itscl4y said.

also, keep in mind that this is more of a “help” topic than a “bug report”. bug reports are toward the editor itself, and help is for your own games.

somehow still also I’m using the app version of wick though
i just like to think my rocket launcher is possessed

Try to change the numbers in your equation a bit and look for a pattern.
That way, you’ll be able to understand how your code works and find a solution.

i created another clip admins can close this