Code editor says the ** (exponent) operator is an error

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Describe the bug
The bug is that, although it still works fine when you run it, typing in, for example, 2**2 (which is 2² in javascript), will show an error marker on that line, which could cause problems when trying to debug

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the bug, if you have them:

  1. Go to the coding panel
  2. Type in "(any number) ** (any number)
  3. Look at left side of coding panel
  4. See error

Expected behavior
The code editor shouldn’t report that " ** " will cause an error

*Computer Information

  • OS: ChromeOS
  • Device Type: Chromebook
  • Browser Chrome

Do you have a suggested solution to this issue? (ex. has another program fixed this bug a certain way? Are you familiar with where in the code base someone would need to fix this issue?)

Additional context Optional*
Add any other context about the problem here.

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I think 2**2 works in python and not javascript.
In javascript, it’s Math.pow(A,B) to raise A to the power of B (which is AB).
In this case, Math.pow(2,2) will give you the value of 22, which is 4

no, ** is a valid exponentiation operator

it is a problem with the linter

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Oh sorry, I was wrong :sweat_smile:
The last time I tried a**b was 2 years ago, and since it showed me an error on wick I thought Math.pow(a,b) was the only way to raise a number as an exponent in JS until now :man_facepalming:
2**2 seems much simpler to use than Math.pow(2,2) as well, you’ve just made my life easier!

You’re right, it is probably an issue with the linter
Thanks for correcting me, I really appreciate it!