Collab: Animation based on Wick Editor!

Hello! I’m Pranav Diddi if you don’t know, and I am the creator of Fruits, Moon(animation contest winner), and Crusade: A Stickman Animation! So I was looking through the Wick Editor Webpage and and saw the banner on top:

Adventures with Wick:

Topic: A new animation known as Adventures with Wick (might change). Based on the Wick Editor Logo (main character). Positions needed:

  • Story Adapter/writer
  • Background Artists/adapter
  • Effects crew (for special effects)
  • More! (IDK…I’ll let you know)

I need the Best of the BEST animators/artists out there! But other than that, anyone can join and help me out with ideas, stories, and brainstorming!

Time Frame: We can start collab from tomorrow or when there are enough members to join! End: To be determined.

Submission Requirements:

  • Background Artists: Post a picture of a really good background you have drawn to determine if you are qualified (It can be any background: Grass, plain, city…etc.)

  • Designers: Design a cool costume for Wick using this template (I will be judging it based on it’s art style, drawing, and of course, it’s design):
    Wick7-22-2022_11-13-23.wick (114.9 KB)

  • Special Effects: Make a power ball like anime and add lighting and stuff (Effects) to make it look realistic or cool

Project Requirements: As I said, I need the best animators/designers out there. If you are not into it much, you can feel free to help me with the story and brainstorming! Doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, everyone has a place in this!

Project Leads: I am leading but, here are some people I might need, so it would be a pleasure if you guys join:

@Jovanny (If you would like to since your tutorials have the wick characters and stuff, I like it)(You could help with the story as well)
@Hamzah_Al_Ani (I know you are good with code but could help with ideas and story)

I can hire you if you want to…

Anyway, I hope his can be successful


Its not the best but i tried making a family of the wick mascot


Hello, I would love to join! right now I can only give you backgrounds because I’m in Holliday. so I don’t have my drawing tablet with me. but I’ll have it in about 2 days so i can start designing. i think we could make an excellent sitcom like Simpson or Futurama. with funny jokes. if we want to go a more friendly style i would like to do the gumball route. the show is enjoyable for all ages and we don’t have to go on one animation style everyone could get about 1-3 characters and animate like he wants him/her to be. but i want to be honest right away. I’m soon old enough to work so i will get some money, my initial plans were to buy Moho or even Adobe because wick editor brought me to the edge sometimes. but if this collab works out i would be SO happy to stay within the wick editor, with each animation we do we could truly bring new people to the editor which would result in more funding from the University which will result into us getting new updates to make better animation :). i will get back with some backgrounds for you soon

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Just to clear out: i would make backgrounds but asson i get to my drawing tablet i will also do animation with the Wick Gohst ( but in my animation style if its ok )


I just saw it i will also create an costume with the gohst you provied

There are some color Problems but i’m sure i can fix thouse.

Other wise i can go on the self drawn way you cann se in my post here Whats your best animation/game

Otherwise i can look to export the house into an 3D enviroment so we can take Pictures there


Thanks for everything! So I appreciate your creativeness, Brick! But I’m planning on making this animation like 2D and what I meant was to look at this banner on top of the Wick Editor web page:

The drawings and animation would look mostly similar to that. It would look simple, easy to animate, and also keep the original theme of the editor! Plus, I am thinking about adding the other Wick characters you see in the banner such as the bee, blue-ish/robot wick, the pink one with the crown, and also, the best one: Jovanny’s Wick mascot!

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yea i’m with that! i only see one Problem. we cant make gardients so we would have to choose an separate program to make the backgrounds and stuff. and I think we can create an Action sitcome With adventure and a bit comedy to get to the Masses.

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Oh, about the gradients…don’t worry about that! I can do that stuff as you see I took a google pic of a candle and added some shading and stuff using light transparency of the color black. You can see the difference!

Screenshot 2022-07-24 2.19.55 PM

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Ok i found the banner in the website files. and the characters are DEEP! there are multiple types. the blue one is an Astronaut!

its an SVG but I cant upload SVG :( you can find the SVG in the Static/Media/wickworldwide2…

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i’m sure that i can draw with that style. i and proably everyone just need some testing time ( with an Pilot) to find out what we can do with the good looking artstyle

wow that looks great!!!

But you will need to help me and probably others to get started with that approage. maybe we can create a Training session? so everyone who is participating will learn to animate and draw with that style. I have Holliday for the next 7 weeks so I will have time. I’m flexible when it comes to the training time ( if we do that )


we would need to add some things to this fantasy adventure world though maybe we can brainstorm on that right now?

I also tried making a rough logo it is far from perfect but maybe its an start

I would need to change the colors so they fit the Wick Branding but besides that just from the dimensions its fine ( I think but you can choose the logo at the end )

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I have also made an animation title:

Each letter’s color represents a character!

Blue: The robot (when you look closely at the pic, it has a blaster in its hand, kind of).
Brown: Jovanny’s Wick, let’s call it Jo the sheriff.
Pink: The pink Wick with the crown…need a name for it.
Yellow: Bee (let’s keep that name, simple)

And of course, we got the main character which is Wick itself! That’s the name!

I will post a rough story of this animation soon.

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I like the Logo! maybe we can get a different letter for each one like in the kidnap-style letters where they cut off the letters for magazines and newsletters. also, I will have my own ( TEST ) youtube soon. maybe we can make an 2-week headstart for each episode on this site (as soon it is finished) whats cool about this one is that it may have an MP4 player made with wick, but not at the moment. but this can still take a while because I cant get it to run xD but I know that it works I just have to get around all the stupid errors I do. it will run on an real server so we can do other funny stuff with it too

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That’s cool! And also let me go through the steps on how we will do it:

  1. We will “break”. What I mean by that is that I currently animate in Wick but I edit the footage in WeVideo, so we’ll make a project, label it like “Scene 1”, draw, animate, and export it out (Which I’ll do and upload it into the editing software. Plus if we do it breaks, the project won’t lag.

  2. The animation will run on 20 fps–now yes, that sounds absurd and it might take a bit more time to animate, but trust me, it will be worth it as the animation will be smooth. With 12 fps, we can see parts of it like “stutter” and stuff.

  3. I will post a rough story soon here and we, as a team go through it and fix, change, add stuff.

  4. Once the story is set, we’ll start the animation and stuff, help others with the gradient coloring and go over the formats and stuff.

  5. We can make this animation as episodes like anime) to create excitement after each episode ends and plus it will be quick to make short ones rather than making one long movie or something.

There’s no end date, so we can work on it steadily with perfection!

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I think it woud be good if we could go throigh the video life so we can have better comunication. i think we are all in the Wickeditor Discord server we can just add us there so we can go into an call with Screen sharing or something ( i already found @MrDashell )

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I wish that could work, but the thing is…I don’t have a phone or a personal computer. I am doing this on a school Chromebook that blocked discord!

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oh ok then i know an webiste were we can call and dont even have to create an account it is from france and opensource and secure Framatalk - Videoconferencing its also non profit

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That’s great! But also there is a slight problem…

My parents don’t know I’m doing this stuff, so I don’t think I can talk in the video then…only chat I guess.

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That’s Totally fine :) we basicly only would do that to Life " Edit " the video

Ok! So now we need more people to join and help me with story and character design, we don’t need much with animation, since only like 2 or 3 people can take care of that.

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