Collab: Blobblys Adventures

I am in a Game creating contest with my friend but I need some help… Blobblys adventures Will be a type of fighting game
Time Frame:9/14/21 - 10/14/21
I need an intro and some characters I already created some intros pls send submissions in gifs and wick files
Project Requirements: (Wick Editor 1.19.3)
Project Leads: Ryder Beaumont
**File:blobbys adventures9-24-2021_8-00-41.wick (937.9 KB) **side note: if you would help me with a little bit of the code I would love it because I stopped coding for a bit and I need help.


Seems like a cool collab!

I’ll be a bit busy with school, though I’ll still try to help with code and possibly anything else when possibly :)

oki thx I really need help with a lot tho imma need more people

I can help with some of the coding if you want.

pls do I need a lot

Also do you know anybody who can animate and make characters

Other people could join later, but I don’t have any direct ties.

maybe i can help?

really… thanks! I need it

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can you describe what characters details and what should i animate?(im actually still learning in animation(i do my best))…
maybe i can help you everytime i got free

ok Ummmm! I need a blobbly thats not a cube and more like a blob and I need villain robot bees and a villain boss thats also a robot could you help or no?

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here …what blob type you wanna choose?(you can change color anyway)

My Project9-22-2021_10-09-59.wick (29.3 KB)

and villian robot bees (if you want other style just tell me)

My Project9-22-2021_10-18-15.wick (22.6 KB)

oh and if you want to make it as a wickobj.
go to wick editor > open the file > click on the clip(one of the character) > click Ctrl + e

and a villain boss

wait up for that (sorry :sweat_smile: let me think for a while )

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I like blob c but with a b face and I want the bees to look like metal so just chnge colors

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but good job

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oh nvm I notice now it’s good on the bees I see the metal

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also thx for your help

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also I can animate it

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wyd @bluethe_bot_academy

oh…sorry for wait… :sweat_smile:
i kinda busy a bit and yesterday i got headach(after a few hour from drawing the blob thing)…so it was hard to focus on something…

and your welcome >u< im happy to help you

oh…and im very sorry cuz i cant draw the evil bot that you want…its hard to draw one actually T u T

here the wick obj. hope it help you animate the blob :slight_smile:


it kinda cute actually

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