Confusion about editor versions (+ pen tool)


So I just stumbled upon Wick today (I have seen the medium article before, but then it was very early alpha, now someone brought it up to my attention again). Love it. I was messing with flash in early 2000s, but that never went anywhere. Now that I have some programming background, I think I can make some cool stuff with Wick…


I think I am coming at very traditional time (the maintenance and new website is due to be done today), but I am confused a bit about the editors. There seem to be the “live” editor and “alpha.” Both are quite different from one another. Is the live version (closer to how flash looked) being discontinued? I prefer it, but if it will eventually cease to exist, I would rather try to get familiar with the alpha.

Also, are there any plans for adding pen tool to the new editor? Coming from illustrator, this is one of the better tools for my drawing, I am sad that it is missing (I would love to be able to make all my artwork in the editor, without having to export and import svgs between illustrator and editor).

Same for the autocomplete - it seems to exist in the old editor’s IDE, but it is missing from the new one.



Hey @Von_Bednar, glad to have you back! We are phasing out the “live” editor (soon to be referred to as the “legacy” editor) in favor of the alpha editor (soon to be referred to as the “1.0 editor”).

This new editor is much more modifiable than the previous version, so we may be able to play with some theming / layouts in the future.

Features like the pen tool and auto complete for the code editor are on the way! We plan on integrating all features of the “live” editor into the 1.0, and are nearly feature complete at the moment.

If you’ve got any other requests, feel free to mention them here and we we’ll discuss them and try to add them to our feature list!

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Glad to hear that both pentool and autocomplete are coming back :tada:

I am working on some feature requests. There is a feature that flash had, that I really loved as a young’un, that I haven’t seen anywhere, so this will be my first request :wink:

Would you prefer them posted on here or github issues/bugtracker?



Great! Here would be nice so that the community can comment. Tag it with the “Feature Requests” topic please :slight_smile:

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Will the live editor be removed completely?




The “live” editor will remain up! We will be referring to it as the “legacy” editor now though :slight_smile:

You will be able to get to it from the front page!