Corrpted data. (Live editor)


Well, I don’t know if bug reports matter for the live editor
since it won’t be updated further, but at least this can serve as a word of
caution for people who, (like myself) still prefer the live editor.

So I’m making a game, I was getting ready to run it when all of a sudden this

Just so it’s clear what’s actually going on…
The program is rapidly switching between the first frame, (title screen)
and the second frame (gameplay screen)

And along with that, the coding also got “corrupted” I assume?

This happened to every script…

I really don’t know what brought this on, but I lost a bit of code,
(nothing major!)
so I’d advice anyone using the Live editor too, to save often!



Oof, sorry to see that corrupted work there @colorsCrimsonTears. I’m not sure what could’ve caused this. I’m glad to see you had a backup save though!

We’re starting to get near feature complete in the alpha editor, and we’re bringing in a lot of the workflow improvements that made the live editor so great, so hopefully we can get your work converted over soon and get less of these types of issues.

If you’d like to try it out, you can try to convert a functioning version of your project at . I’m happy to help if there’s any problems with that conversion!

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I wish I knew what caused it as well.
All I did was run Wick and it happened out of nowhere.
I’d like to try the alpha, but I’m really used to the way things look in the live editor.
Like how everything’s laid out.
But once it’s complete I’ll definitely check it out!
Thx for the help! :slight_smile:



Can you post one line of the corrupted code? I want to see if I can fix it.

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I wouldn’t mind it but I don’t have it anymore.
As you know you can only run one session in Wick at a time, and I’ve been using it since then. I also didn’t back up the corrupted version so there’s really no way for me to recover it.



Actually, I think I know what happened.
All you have to do to fix it is

  1. Search something on a search engine
  2. Find what you searched in the address bar
  3. Replace it with your corrupt code
  4. Press enter
  5. Remove non-code at the start

That should fix it.
You can test it with code in the pictures
(the text in the search bar should be your non-corrupt code)