Could anyone make a Flappy Bird clone?

Could anyone make me a flappy bird clone in Wick? Thanks.

Hey @wafflez, I’m looking for an old demo we used to have for “Flappy Ghost”, I’ll upload when I find it.

I am working on one, Hopefull itll be done in about a month or so

i have made a small clone but i still need help for making randomly generating pipes
://hPj1WOxNmoVfylc2NUKQISeqQQW.html) (2.2 MB)

you didn’t let the file upload completely, could you try uploading it again?

It looks like the file was uploaded but a part of it was accidentally erased

This code is enough to reach the file, here it is for anyone who can’t view it

flappy bird working html file.html ( <— @yoyo_izcool’s flappy bird game)

oh sorry i actually didn’t test it in the html file i fixed it here it is
flappy bird working html file.html (2.2 MB)