Crazy buggy sound issues


my wick file is too big and jigantuous (made that word up) to fit in 4096 something bytes or whatever the max was, so i (very, very) unfortunately cannot show you guys the wick file, nor the mp4 file (it won’t let me). in wick, the audio was fine. however, when i exported it in mp4, some sounds didn’t stop playing, others never played at all. could it be to fit under a bit size or anything like that?

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If you have a google account, you can upload the file to
your google drive, and link the file here so the
admins can see it.



Hmm, we’ll be trying to update some of the sound API in 1.16, so hopefully we can squash one or two of these problems.

Like @colorsCrimsonTears, if you could upload a link to a Google Drive/Dropbox .wick file that would be awesome so we could take a look.

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True, never really thought about putting int in Drive. I’ll do that soon hopefully.

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these should be the ones… hopefully

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