Cursor Tutorial

When you hover over button objects when the project is playing, your cursor might look like this:

If the object is not a button, you can still control how the cursor looks like through script!

To start off, this.cursor refers to the objects cursor.
Set this.cursor to "pointer" so that the cursor looks like a pointer when hovering over the object.

this.cursor='pointer'; // Default script

If the object is a text object, you can set it to "text"

this.cursor='text'; // Default script

If you want the mouse to be hidden when hovering over the object, set it to “none”


Here’s what else you can set the cursor to:

// This is the LOADING cursor
this.cursor='wait'; // 'progress' also works

this.cursor='ne-resize'; // ne stands for north-east
this.cursor='nw-resize'; // nw stands for north-west
this.cursor='n-resize'; // n stands for North, and so on

this.cursor='col-resize'; // col stands for column
this.cursor='row-resize'; // row stands for row

this.cursor='grab'; // Open hand cursor
this.cursor='grabbing'; // Closed hand

this.cursor='cell'; // A "+" cursor

this.cursor='help'; // Cursor with "?"

this.cursor='copy'; // Cursor with "+"
this.cursor='no-drop'; // Disabled cursor

this.cursor='zoom-in'; // Zoom-in cursor
this.cursor='zoom-out'; // Zoom-out cursor

// ect.

An example: HTML (2.1 MB) / Wick (9.7 KB)

The example file is just a simple project where the cursor changes to “fit” in the project