DeByte Ultimate

Fill out the following information to have your collab considered for the forum:

  1. Title: Read post name
  2. Topic: Collab between me and @Brickstar_X to make a universal debugger program you can put in your game.
  3. Time Frame: Hopefully by the end of the year.
  4. Submission Requirements: This is only open to me and @Brickstar_X as of now but feel free to submit ideas and help us out.
  5. Project Requirements: Refer to 4:
  6. Project Leads: Me and BrickStarX
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@Brickstar_X Collab is Open!
Should we release the first version? @Brickstar_X

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Yes But let us do the last Feew things to make the Best Possible Expirience

I think we should upload it now and let people suggest ways we can change it

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i can’t upload Thats why you have to do it

Ok The Version is Ready to Upload i Sended ypu the File over on Disocrd you can Upload the First Official Verison of DeByte Ultimate!

Alright, Ahem, presentation time.
Welcome to the release of the Inaugural version of DeByte Ultimate, our new Universal debugger program for your wick games.
Debyte is easy to integrate into your own projects! Just download the .wickobj file and drop it in.
Just run the project and DeByte is ready from the Get-go although some customization is needed cause not all projects are the same.
lol It’s This Easy!

Let’s Talk Features. DBU is versatile, and easily customizable and best of all, it’s less than 600KB so it won’t bloat your project too much!
It includes 3 easy to set up features at the moment, fView, which allows you to view your project’s dimensions and framerate, FrameGoer which allows you to go to any frame in your set boundaries in a matter of seconds, and SoundRoom, an easily-customizable sound player.
With easy setup, versatility and convenience, DBU is for everyone!

Download the English Version

Laden Sie die deutsche Version herunter (Download the German Version)

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Since debyte is no longer being updated, i created a stat based viewer called peek

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