Does anyone know how to do an isometric game

I wanna make an isometric game but I don’t know how I would code it, I want a game that has a grid of isometric squares that if you hover over them it selects it and you are able to interact with it, the thing is, when I try to do it I have to edit the position in the code to make a single square pop up when you click on it and when I got it working, the cursor selects multiple at once

one simple way could be to make each “square” a button

another way, far less simple, would be to calculate the mouse position referred to a rotated axis system and discover on wich square you are rolling on
isometric usually also deal with z-index as you often have to decide wich object is closer to the viewer (imagine a character in front or behind a wall)

I think… Our mouse over only works for non-iso rectangle areas. That is why is selecting more than one…

For every iso square make an invisible smaller non-iso square that serves for the mouse over.

I tried and it works flawlessy with iso squares
My Project6-1-2022_14-15-15.wick (2.8 KB)

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Yup, you were right I wasn’t sure…
I was under the impression that the mouse works like hits, but not.


I got this working, I actually did mouse hover instead of doing a button and thats why it selected multiple My Project6-1-2022_9-08-11.wick this may be the working one Idk

so I ran into another problem, im making a farming simulator but when I place multiple plants at once really fast it makes some plants go forward or backward in the growing cycle
edit: I fixed it kinda but it uses more plantsfarming.wick