Drag and drop asset, is there an other way to add them?

Im on a windows surface go tablet and i use the new edge browser based on chromium to make wick work (for the pen pressure) but i have one small/big problem: Everything work exept draging asset on the canvas and there does not seem to be a work around.


you have to use “upload asset” and choose the file. the button is in the bottom right, directly above the asset library.

But, as you said, it would be a lot easier to just drag an asset into the canvas. I believe it actually used to be that way.

Hey @Sara, I believe there’s a bug on tablets at the moment for drag and drop. I will take a look at it this afternoon!

… or maybe drag and drop already exists.
on the topic of assets, do gifs become clips when they are put into the editor yet?

Hey @awc95014, @Sara is referring to an issue on tablets where assets will not drag from the asset library to the canvas NOT drag and drop in projects themselves!

We have an in-progress version of gif conversion nearly working (it’s run into quite a few issues). It will definitely be out in either 1.17 or 1.17.1!

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Ah… that makes more sense. way more sense. thanks for clarifying that for me.

So, is there anything I can do about this for now? Im guessing its alredy a known issue :confused:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t put together a fix quite yet. I will keep looking into this over the weekend.

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Thanks alot :slight_smile:

anyting new with this?

We’ve identified the issue (the drag and drop library we’re using is not set up for touch events at all…). It looks like this might need a more involved fix then I initially thought :confused:

It is currently on our list after a few, very pressing bugs with the drawing tools. (You can see our current issue list here: https://github.com/Wicklets/wick-editor/projects/2)

Sorry that this is taking so long @Sara, I thought it would be quicker fix!

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Would it be a simpler fix to make the asset spawn in the middle of the canvas after a double clic or something like that? It would still make the asset useable without dragging and droping. Or is this more complex then that anyway? Im no expert! Thanks for the information :)

Actuall @Sara, that’s a great suggestion. I’ll look into this as I definitely think it would be easier and a potentially useful UX update!

nice! Cant wait to see what happen with this :D

Hey @Sara, We’ve pushed a potential fix for this to the test branch! Give it a try on test.wickeditor.com

You’ll now get an option to “add asset to canvas” in the inspector when selecting an asset. We also added a small image preview as well!

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This is great! The image previee reslly make things more clear too! Maybe it would be nice to have a ‘‘sound preview’’ as well for the sound in the asset too :) thanks for this fix :D