Drawing bug - Messed up brush


I posted this before in another topic, but I believe it
might have been buried and unseen.
This is a pretty big issue, and has not been fixed yet in the Alpha, or the pre-release build
of the editor.

Please check it out:

Bug Report

If you pick the brush, draw around a bit, (kind of quickly) then afterwards
hit ctrl+a (select all) then delete, (via del key) not all of your strokes will actually be erased, and you’ll be left with an un-eraseable blob of paint.
Attempting to use the brush after this will make it draw with that un-eraseable blob, creating a really funky looking pattern, which causes mega slow down.

Video below.



We haven’t been able to get to this one yet, but we know if it! We’ll try to fix it before pushing 1.14 live. Thanks for the updated post.