Drawing Tablet Issues

What Wick Editor Version are you using?

Describe the Problem
Whenever I open up the window on my pen display/drawing tablet my cursor is offset from the pen like on the desktop, this is not about calibration, when I open up other drawing softwares the cursor is calibrated normally to the pen. To clarify for the “on the desktop” what I mean is that my pen display is set up as a second monitor and that when I use the pen it has a built in function to offset it so you can see the cursor on the desktop.

What have you tried so far?
I have looked through the forum for things about drawing tablets but none were related to my issue, I have also looked through the settings to try to see if I can change anything but there was nothing there either.

i’m not a pro with tablets so i don’t know exactly what offset is, but can you just set your tablet’s offset to work with wick’s canvas size?

are you saying that the position of the brush in wick is different from where it is actually drawing, or the position of your tablet’s pen is different from the position of the brush? (or something else)

The position of the brush/cursor is greatly offset from the pen, also I probably could calibrate it but it would be incredibly difficult considering I would have to offset it in the other direction and that some of the calibration dots are too high up to reverse offset, also I just don’t want to have to change the calibration every time I want to use a different drawing software.