Dumb question (my specialty!)

When a student sends me a file like this:


How do I open/view it? She’s been trying to export it, but hasn’t succeeded.
She also sent it as an HTML file:


and I can’t see that either.

Please help a tired teacher out :slight_smile:

did you open it in wick to export? if so, then it could be the way school computers work that tampers with downloads, or they completely dont download.
at my school, macbooks “restrict” downloads. it technically downloads, but the category “downloads” is removed. in chrome, a bar at the bottom with all the downloads appear. shrink the window, and drag the download onto the desktop. the downloaded file now appears in “desktop” and easily accessible now.

Hi there,
I’m actually on my own computer. The student uploaded the file to Google Classroom. I tried to copy and paste it to my desktop, but it won’t. Google Classroom is an online feature. How would I open this file in the Wick editor?

In other words, if it’s not downloaded to my computer, how do I open it?

So I tried what you suggested - dragging the file onto the desktop, and then opening it in the Wick Editor. It won’t open. Hmmm …not sure what to do now. These are the interactive projects that export as HTML, but I can’t see them when students submit them.
Not sure what to do next…

open wick and then open the file thats how wick saving system works

I have no problem opening my own Wick or HTML files. It’s the files kids submit to me that I can’t seem to open…

make them export interactive or video files to website called padlet where kids can put their work and sign who posted it. Its also good for presentations hope that helps

I’m currently using google classroom for my school, too, but my school doesn’t use wick : (
It’s because they’re sharing with you the file rather than uploading it, when I open google classroom, it tells me to “add” or “create” and so I don’t think it’s the same as when we “upload” files here…
There’s a way they can send you a private message through Wick Editor and share their file’s would that help?

I’m getting the view that @ProfoundlyAverage’s students are sending HTML files because video export is weird, then uploading them to google classroom. The issue is that you can’t view them. I would imagine that it’s the same download function as sharing via Drive, where the download button is. I think there’s also a way to “view in Drive” or some drive icon button to view in drive, then you can download.

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@awc95014 you’re a genius! I take everything I said back, there’s no download button, but it pops up when you open the file in a new tab, I’ve tried it on my own files and the download button was there!
it worked and downloaded, and the last step to open a .html file is to open a new tab, click ctrl+o and select the file!

(I tried this on google classroom)

I think that’s it! I think you can also just click on the download and it’ll open right up in a new tab. (chrome downloads)

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 8.15.22 AM

Thank you both - I will try that!