Edge of Space - Hackathon Project

This project was for a hackathon that lasted a little less than 12 hours, based on the theme “Breaking Boundaries.” I was in a team of 4 (different people from last time) and for the sake of privacy I won’t say who.

I did most of the programming in Wick.
Person A did most of the art and some of the Wick programming.
Person B did half of the game design and some of the Wick programming.
Person C did half of the game design and some of the art.

In short, Edge of Space is one of those 2D space shooting games, but instead of wrapping around the game like usual, the borders are very small and you shoot the border to move around. This adds an interesting layer of difficulty and chaos when the screen bounces uncontrollably.

There are 3 enemies:

  • Green UFO - weak and slow
  • Red UFO - slightly stronger and faster (not by much)
  • Asteroid - doesn’t move, but takes more hits to destroy

Every few enemies you hit, your laser’s power increases by 1. (There’s no visual update, you just have to trust it)

If you stay inside an enemy for 2 seconds, you will run out of health and lose. To beat the game… you’ll figure it out lol.

This was very much inspired by Windowkill. (I wasn’t aware there was an ending to Windowkill until looking it up now… but we did think of our ending ourselves)

If you want to play, go here and download the file, then open it in a browser. Arrow keys or WASD to move, point and click to shoot.

Here’s a gameplay video too - https://youtu.be/7iWz9L4VzQQ

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