Fading In Animation (BUG?)



Hey all, I’ve been using Wick for a little while for simple personal projects.

I don’t know if thi is intentional but the opacity seems to just not work right in regards to animating it.

I did see a tutorial where, the narrator selects tween1 (the opacity is at 1) then at the last tween sets it to .5, moves the slider and it goes from fully visible to slightly transparent.

What I’m experiencing is NOT that. I set the opacity to 1 in the first tween… in the last tween set it to 0, scrub back 1 frame and it just goes back to 1, last tween is again 1… set it to 0 again, go back to the first tween, back to the last tween… its reset back to 1…

I cannot get the opacity to animate. I have tried everything I can think of… creating new projects and just using the opacity on the only layer, adding more frames, utilizing less frames… The editor just seems to ignore the changes when I move to a different frame.

Any idea what could be going on?

I’m using Chrome, is it maybe a browser issue?

Thanks in advance.



Found something else…

Click first frame, add an image (elipse, jpg, etc)
Change Opacity to 0
Click add tween, increase frames ahead to frame 10 (12, 50, doesnt matter)
Add Tween
Click the image (elipse, jpg, etc) the opacity is now 1, but the image is still invisible. Cant get it to reappear…
Back to Frame 1, the opacity is now 1 but again, the image is invisible.



Hey @Charlie_Rodriguez, I believe I’ve found the issue here. When setting opacity, you must click the canvas for that change to be officially set. (This is a bug). Clicking the timeline immediately after a change seems to reset it… I’ll see if we can fix it for 1.15.

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Yes! That was the issue. So thrilled. Been fighting this for 2 hours trying to puzzle it out. You ROCK!

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