Fill bucket always says there is a gap

Someone help me with this bug I have When I’m tryna fill a box in It says I cant because There is a gap and i cant find ANYTHING, I zoomed in nothing I removed all the items in the Box where I’m Gonna fill in but nothing works Somebody please help me.

well, if the box is a clip, you have to go into its timeline and then fill it.

Yea but it isnt

do you have a wick file to show this?

im tryna make a WW2 zombies game kinda like cod zombies and its too big for me to upload

i think this goes for old projects mine is 1 month old

I started the project 2 months ago

Here is a example lazy butter that it doesnt work still.

you can use the cursor tool to surround the object. once you can edit its properties, you can use the fill tool in the object inspector to change whats inside of it.

if that rectangle is an image, you won’t be able to fill it. fill bucket doesn’t work on images unfortunately.

this project is 10,978KB is it the problem that’s causing it?

I have a 38 MB file lying around from last year and I have just checked to see if it takes fill properly. But 10 MB shouldn’t be a problem. It’s pretty small, all things considered.
There were some frames I could fill in, some I couldn’t. Try breaking apart sets of lines into individual objects. This seems to help my case. I think I joined the strokes together to one object to tween, and they didn’t let me fill them individually later.

I’m saying, try breaking clip into objects if not already in that form? Size shouldn’t be an issue.

I turned all of it into clips but this Wick editor ghost is still haunting me and i cannot fill Anything!

don’t do that, clips don’t fill no matter what, it only fills if the objects are not clips and if there aren’t gaps

What do I do make the sides into separate objects? or make it into one Whole thing?

problem fixed it was just because the file was big