Fill In-Bucket Issue


It’s a little bugged, It lags a lot, I know it can be my computer but I would like if it was a little faster, Plus it crashed on me once and might again so yeah please work on optimization…



@GrayCat_The_Meme_Mac we totally agree! We think that there are a number of ways we can improve the fill bucket. We’ll be looking into those most likely in version 1.18 or 1.19 as we’re still tracking down where the issues lie! If you find any consistent ways to make the fill bucket work quickly, or slowly, please let me know! That should make it easier for us to track down these problems.

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OK, I have been using Wick a little more, BUT, I found out it does not crash, But rather take a VERY long time to load the Fill-In, It appears to do this slow when you have alot of layers, It kinda makes sense considering it is layers, But to be fair IT IS an Animation Site, So it would be very good if you guys fix it, Though i’m gonna say, Your Animation Site is good, Considering it is a SITE, And would look forward to using it in the future with more smoothness :)