[Firefox] Drawing tools are drawing above the crosshair cursor


I am in the process to switching from Chrome to Firefox (because google is flirting with disabling ad-blockers) and I decided to test wick on Firefox.

It seems that on my (fresh) install of firefox, when I use either brush or pencil tool the drawings appear above the cursor and to the left. See below:

Other tools (rect, circle) work fine and align correctly to the cursor. The issue presists with both a mouse and a pressure sensitive pen. Chrome works smooth in comparison. Is this a known problem, or is my copy of firefox misbehaving?

Also, using pressure sensitive pen is a no-no on firefox for me, it is very laggy and ends up with very jagged lines. The same problem does not exist on Chrome.

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Huh, weird - I can’t reproduce this on my end. Things like this can happen when the page is zoomed in slightly, but I’m not sure why the brush would be so laggy.

Which OS are you running? Maybe that would give me a clue

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I think I might have default zoom to 110% (it is a small 2in1 laptop). Will check it out again once I get back home. Will update soon, but the zoom thing makes sense.



If pressure sensitivity doesn’t work on Firefox, try enabling dom.w3c_pointer_events.dispatch_by_pointer_messages in about:config. I use an old Wacom CTL-460 tablet, so I also had to enable Windows Ink in Wacom Preferences.

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The good news is that @kryptot7 solution fixed the pen issue. It works smooth and doesn’t have the problem that the mouse has.

The bad news is that zoom on the website does not fix the issue with the mouse cursor being a bit off. I will do some more digging on my end and test on a different machine later on.

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Awesome, glad I could help!

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Found the culptit!

My display was zoomed 125% in Windows10 display options and that was throwing the drawing off. It is still strange that it did it only on the brush and pencil and only with a mouse, but at least now I have a solution.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @zrispo!

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